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The cyberpunk cryptocurrency token with all the positives of the Binance Smart Chain. is the second version of the CB-Online project with a token with a modified contract, improved functionality and increased potential. If you've taken at an earlier stage, you can exchange yours for the current version using this pair.

New conctract of Crypto-Cyberpunk

On April 1, 2022, we created a new version of the contract - revised and adapted to future evolutions. If you want to receive a new version of the token, which will be the base, please exchange your current tokens here:

Next, we intend to carry out the pair bridge process between the old and the new token - ultimately it will be carried out at the end of the first step of the pre-sale. Replacing the token at this time can be more beneficial.


Cross-Chain Interoperability; Elegant Multi-level Main-Side Chains Structure; Unlimited scalability, leading in Blockchain 3.0 era with unique cross-chain technology


Crypto-Cyberpunk is in the most advanced and secure blockchain cloud infrastructure with segregate, unlimitedly scalable cloud computing networks, leading the decentralized future build on binance smart chain.


Fully automated BNB reward system for invitations that does not require integration with your wallet. All what you need is just claim and share your Cyber-Punk Ref Link.

CRYPTO CYBERPUNK Contract ( Verified ):


More token details avaible here

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Cyberpunk Concept
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New Web & Socials
Presale & Airdrop I


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Market Research
Finalisation Presale I
Presale Stage II


Presales Ending
Official Launch
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Crypto Cyberpunk STEP III

Another stage behind us ! This time we migrated the domain and hosting - and soon we will announce the new version of the contract ! For the moment we offer only Claim - and purchase through DEX.

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Overview of Bonuses

No project will succeed without a large group of supporters. That is why we appreciate those who contributed to the growth of our Crypto Cyberpunk community and introduced the referral system in our Presale & Airdrop event.

Please see the details below.

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